Denis Miroshnichenko, who chaired the People’s Council of the Lugansk People’s Republic has been elected speaker of the new LPR parliament.
All the 50 parliamentarians supported his candidacy in an open vote at the first session. Miroshnichenko represents the United Russia faction.
“We’ve formed a strong transparent team and I’m sure that we’ll meet residents’ expectations and fulfil all the tasks,” Miroshnichenko said.   *** The first local elections in the Lugansk People’s Republic after its accession to Russia took place in all its 28 municipalities on September 8 through September 10. Early voting was held on September 1 - 4 at 329 exterritorial polling stations in 81 Russian regions for residents staying outside the LPR, while on September 2 through 7, it was held for residents living in remote areas.   Voter turnout at the LPR parliamentary election was 72.53 percent.*i