Residents of Severodonetsk and satellite settlements have received more than 27 million rubles in solid fuel allowances, the Town Hall said in a post on Telegram.   As of March 27, 2023, it was the third such payment in this heating season.  Eligible recipients numbered  1,203, the Town Hall said.   In March, coal allowances will be granted to another 554 residents and firewood allowances to 116 people. Overall payments will be worth 16,210,600 rubles.   As of early March, the authorities had paid 13 million rubles worth of solid fuel allowances to local residents.    LPR authorities introduced this social support measure in August 2022. Earlier, Olga Yevsyukova from the Welfare Department of the LPR Labor and Social Policy Ministry said that more than 45,000 coal- or firewood-heated households were eligible for solid fuel allowances.*i*v