Russian army units have repelled 40 attacks by Kiev gunmen on the Krasny Liman and Kupyansk axes from December 23 to December 29; Kiev army losses during this period amounted to about 1,500 servicemen killed or wounded, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.
“On the Kupyansk axis, Task Force “West” units improved their forward line positions in certain areas and repelled 27 enemy attacks,” the report said. “Over a week, the Ukrainian army lost 265 servicemen, one tank, one armored fighting vehicle, 18 cars and five field artillery pieces.”
Aircraft and artillery defeated manpower and equipment of seven Ukrainian brigades in the areas of Novosyolovskoye (LPR), Sinkovka, Ivanovka, Petropavlovka and Kupyansk in the Kharkhov region.   On the Krasny Liman axis, Task Force “Center” units supported by aircraft and artillery improved their forward line positions repelling 13 enemy attacks. Ukrainian army losses on this axis amounted up to 1,205 servicemen, six tanks, 12 armored fighting vehicles, 12 cars and 13 field artillery pieces.   Russian troops also defeated manpower and equipment of the Ukrainian army and National Guard in the areas of Chervonaya Dibrova (LPR), Torskoye and Grigorovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic and Serebryanka Forestry.*i