Members of the Edelweiss martial arts club from the Donbass Karate Union have won 98 medals in the Bashkotorstan capital which hosted a Championship of the National Fudokan Shotokan Karate-Do Federation among children, youths, adults and veterans last week.   “Bashkortostan’ capital Ufa hosted an Open Tournament and Fudokan Shokotan Karate-Do National Federation Championship on March 25-26,” said the Lugansk People’s Republic Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth referring to the Donbass Karate Union. “Our karatekas topped the medal table with 32 gold-, 29 silver- and 37 bronze medals.”   The competition brought together karate practitioners from 22 Russian regions and Abkhazia, and 48 athletes from the LPR, the Ministry said adding that “Edelweiss” was represented by karatekas from three children’s sport schools.   The Donbass Karate Union thanked the teachers Vladimir Podtynny, Darya Abakumenko, Valeria Kovalyova, Yelizaveta Borshosh, Maria Tkachenko and Dmitry Zozulya for coaching martial arts exponents for the competition.   Earlier reports said that Lutugino children’s sport school students had won four gold, 11 silver and 16 bronze medals at the Ufa competition.*i*v