The Lugansk People’s Republic has received 520 municipal vehicles for utility companies from sponsor regions and the government since the beginning of 2022, the LPR Construction and Utilities Ministry press service reported.    “One hundred and sixty special-purpose vehicles have been delivered to the LPR since early 2022, mostly for the Severodonetsk district and severely damaged settlements, as part of comprehensive assistance from the Russian government and LPR leadership,” the press service said.   They were distributed between utility companies, state-owned water and electricity suppliers and road construction enterprises.   The supplied equipment included 16 garbage trucks, 18 multi-purpose road maintenance vehicles, 35 dump trucks, 31 vans, four dropside trucks, 16 elevated work platforms, eight bulldozers, 12 excavators, two tractors, four forklifts, four asphalt rollers, two road graders, a drop-frame semi-trailer etc.   Utility companies also received single-purpose equipment such as mobile electric laboratories, two road hoes, a drilling unit on KamAZ truck chassis and a road laboratory.    Russian regions have supplied in the designated period more than 360 special-purpose vehicles to the LPR as part of the friendship and cooperation agreements, the LPR Construction and Utilities Ministry said.   The Lugansk People’s Republic acceded to Russia on September 30, 2022, based on the results of the unification referendum. *i*v