Russian armed forces have repelled 11 Ukrainian attacks on the Kupyansk axis and six attacks next to the Chervonaya Dibrova settlement on the Krasny Liman axis over the past 24 hours, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.
“On the Kupyansk axis, Task Force “West” units, supported by aircraft, artillery and heavy flamethrower systems, repelled 11 attacks by assault groups of the Ukrainian army’s 14th, 32nd and 115th Mechanized Brigades, 68th Jaeger Brigade and 95th Air Assault Brigade in the areas of Sinkovka, Ivanovka and Novoyegorovka in the Kharkov region and Makeyevka in the Lugansk People’s Republic,” the report said.
Russian aircraft delivered strikes at enemy manpower and equipment in the area of Nevskoye (LPR). The Ukrainian army lost up to 70 servicemen, one tank, two armored fighting vehicles and three cars. One “Akatsiya” self-propelled howitzer and one “Gvozdika” self-propelled howitzer were destroyed in counterbattery duels.
On the Krasny Liman axis, Task Force Center” units, aircraft and artillery repelled six attacks by Ukrainian army units in the Chervonaya Dibrova settlement area in the Lugansk People’s Republic.
Airstrikes were delivered at Ukrainian army manpower and equipment in the areas of Torskoye, Yampolovka and Grigorovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic. Enemy losses amounted to more than 235 servicemen killed or wounded, three armored fighting vehicles and three pickups.
“Sixty-one Ukrainian drones were shot down in the areas of Olshana in the Kharkov region, Yegorovka, Soleder and Lyubovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic, Kremennaya and Zhitlovka in the Lugansk People’s Republic, Romanovskoye and Molchansk in the Zaporozhye region and Kazachyi Lageri and Sagi in the Kherson region,” the Defense Ministry said.
 *** The Ukrainian government launched the so-called anti-terrorist operation against Donbass in April 2014.  The peace talks failed to reach tangible results due to Kiev’s position to settle the conflict by force.   President Vladimir Putin announced a special military operation on February 24, 2022 to protect Donbass residents from Ukrainian aggression. Prior to that, LPR and DPR Heads Leonid Pasechnik and Denis Pushilin asked the Russian leader to provide military assistance.*i