Фото: Луганский Информационный Центр

Lugansk People’s Republic companies have increased production by 36 percent year-on-year, LPR Acting Economic Development Minister Lidia Fomenko said at a House of Government press briefing.

“Regional companies' production volume grew by 36 percent and agribusinesses increased food production too as the farmland area grew after the liberation of the Republic,” Fomenko said noting that a 45-percent increase in retail trade was a sign of stable economy.

Thanks to Free Economic Zone preferences, the LPR government has coordinated the implementation of 33 investment projects since July, which are expected to create more than 1,800 jobs, she said.

The sectors popular with investors are industry, machine-building, agricultural production and trade, according to the official.


More than 46,000 small and medium businesses are registered in the LPR.*i*sb