Lugansk People’s Republic Head Leonid Pasechnik said that he has created a channel on the Telegram messenger.

“I’ve run a page on Twitter at the suggestion of our youths, but in the present-day reality I believe it is inexpedient,” Pasechnik said. “I decided to create a Telegram channel so that any user at any point in the world can learn the truth without hindrance and see the Lugansk People’s Republic get stronger, develop, grow and defeat Nazism, hate and strife sown over eight years in Ukraine.”

“The fight in the media space in our time compares with clashes in battlefields,” he said.

“It becomes even more significant when the enemy, assisted by the West and lacking victories at the front, steps up strikes across the information front by creating fakes, trying to ignite an ethnic conflict, calling for hating everything Russian, blocking stories, websites or personal accounts that bring the truth about the atrocities and crimes of the ruling Ukrainian regime,” Pasechnik wrote on his Telegram channel.

He underlined that “there is no place for ethnic strife and Russophobia in the modern world.”

“They are all vestiges of the Nazism from the time of the Great Patriotic War, which Europe has started to forget,” the LPR leader said. *i*t